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Free For All Foundation has a strong Board of Directors who oversee the organization. The role of the Board, in part, is to provide legal and financial oversight. This role includes, but is not limited to, the approval and review of the annual budget, overseeing and approval of independent audits, the ongoing review of Free For All Foundation financial well-being, the selection and appointment of the executive director, the nomination and appointment of new board members, and the independent reviewal of all FFAF programs, projects and serves. This also includes our measurement and impacts.

You can find a list of the board members and a copy of our financial control policy in About Us.

Putting your Dollars Where They Belong

For every Dollar you give, ninety cents go directly to programming. Free For All Foundation works to ensure high impact, accountability, efficiencies, and innovation. Ensuring the most effective use of every cent.

How We Use Your Money

Together with our board, staff and volunteers we work to strengthen Free For All Foundation programs and clients within  our community. We are committed to honoring every contribution of all sizes to maximize your impact toward our shared mission: to create a community where all young people are free to achieve and take charge of  their future as  our next leaders.


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March Break Camp

March Break Camp sponsored by SaveMaxRealty. We still have a few spaces left and...
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Celebrating the 150th Birthday of Canada

We are Celebrating the 150th Birthday of Canada!...
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Ontario Premier Announces $46,000 for Youth Foundation

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne visited Central Peel Secondary School near Kenned...
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Annual Scholarships and Awards Dinner

On October 17, 2015, Special event celebrating youth achievements took place, as...
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