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Free For All Foundation believes that learning does not stop when the final school bell rings. This is the simple reality, but what implications does it have for the students in our community?

Free For All Foundation recognizes the importance of meeting students’ learning needs, both during school and when school is not in session. Our programs provide students with safe places to go where they can engage in enriching activities and make connections with caring adults; which are among the most promising educational innovations today. After-school programs are providing opportunities that play a crucial role in promoting student success and involving the community.

The foundation believes that by developing policies and establishing partnerships with agencies our founders will ensure our goals are aligned to maximize our resources, in order to move forward in support of all students that attend our after-school program.

Research tells us that for after-school programs to make a real difference in the lives of young people the programs must do much more than simply fill the hours when school is out. Instead, those hours must be filled with supports and opportunities that foster the skills students need to succeed. That is why your support is so important in helping us provide these programs that are so needed.

There is a growing recognition in the value of after school activities and recreation as a cost effective way to achieve important community building goals. This was clearly demonstrated in ‘The Review of the Roots of Youth and Violence’ (R. McMurtry & A. Curling, 2008)

After-school activities bring more young people into the community fold through the lens of local physical activities in the form of sports and recreation programs. These activities will be specifically targeted at youth for a small fee whereas normally these youth would not be able to afford to enroll in comparable programs. The foundation is committed to recruiting and retaining a new generation of volunteers.


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