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The Youth Farming Project’s mission is to include our local youth from diverse social and economic backgrounds as integral participants in building equitable local food communities. We work to:

  • Involve local youth in growing, harvesting, donating, selling, eating and preserving healthy food.
  • Connect youth to local and global issues concerning food justice and the environmental impact of our current food systems.
  • Share inspiring responses to these issues which involve youth from around the world.
  • Teach organic growing methods and their role in sustainable farming.
  • Provide a place that promotes diversity where youth have the opportunity to come together and learn about each other while working toward a common goal.
  • Help youth understand the relationship between the foods that we choose to eat and our personal health.
  • Offer youth an opportunity to create something of worth  for themselves, their families, and community.

Through participation in the Youth Farming Project we hope to inspire and empower young people to be proud of themselves, and their role in their communities. We grow, harvest, eat, sell, donate and preserve food for the community focusing on youth and family programs (i.e. schools).  We relate to the land as a place of infinite learning and nourishment and care for it as such.  We see ourselves as connected to everything and evaluate our choices through that lens.  We support the growth of the individuals involved through feedback, critical thinking and team building.



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Annual Scholarships and Awards Dinner

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