Our Mission:

Engage, nurture, and inspire residents to thrive through education, employment, and wellness opportunities.

Free For All Foundation is a organization dedicated to provide social justice and advocacy services for marginalized communities such as children, youth, seniors, individuals, groups, and families.

We service thousands of needy families in the GTA. We empower the community to be an agent of change. We serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender and we are passionate about seeing young people thrive. We refuse to believe that issues surrounding mental health and poverty are too big or difficult to overcome. Our vision for every family is to be empowered to take charge of their future.

Little girl
Little girl

Our Vision:

To empower valuable youth, families, seniors to enhance their skills for success.

Core Values:

  • Service Excellence – We provide excellence in services and link clients to other appropriate resources in the community.
  • Inclusive – We welcome and value inclusiveness and are accessible to all.
  • Innovative – We encourage critical thinking and creative solutions.
  • Expertise – We take pride in the level of knowledge and expertise that drives our mission.
  • Integrity – We speak and act openly and directly in everything we do
  • Collaboration – We are committed to sharing information with funders, clients, staff, and the public.

Key Pillars of Works

Seniors Wellness Program

Wrap Around Family Service

Health & Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing


Education Key to Success


Financial Assistance

Food Security

Food Security & Nutrition


Leadership Development

In addition to our direct services, we invest in key program areas that help ensure young people, seniors and families are empowered, resilient, and complete in taking charge of their future. Our strategy- driven by research, data, and innovative approach

Strategic Plan: Goals and Objectives

Strategic Plan: Goals and Objectives

We believe education is central to the development and improvement of the lives of young people globally, and as such its has been a priority for FFAF. Thus, the program provides culturally appropriate learning and opportunities for young people to achieve their full potential. Programs include maths, science, robotic, music and life skills.


We support young people to explore their full potential in work and life by building their confidence, empathy, curiosity, and access. We also offer bursaries to support higher education and linked learning opportunities for work and employment skills development.


Free For All Foundation depends heavily on volunteers to support its programs and services. It utilizes the estimated value of each volunteer to demonstrate the overall financial impact of hours donated. The commitment and hard work that volunteers exhibit directly impact the success of our services.

FFAF 2023 Annual Report

Free for All Foundation
2023 Annual Report


“Alexander Graham Bell said Preparation is the key to success. Thank you to the Free For All Foundation who has been instrumental in preparing me to be successful in the future.”

Katie Crawford
Central Peel Graduate

“I am so grateful to Mr. Green who always stood up for us every single time, and also been so very supportive to us. we the seniors is so bless to have organization like you who cares about our well-bring Thank you once again”

Doris Fergusson

Our Blog

President’s Message

I want to thank the board of directors for allowing me to serve as President and be a part of an organization that not only gives knowledge back but allows friendships to be created within the agency. I am following the footsteps of a great leaders Mr. Mapp. This...

Feb 22, 2018

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